Solar Panel Prototypes

These pages detail some of the progress of the prototypes, leading up, hopefully, to a feasible, stable design for a larger panel.

Very Early Prototype, Laid Out
The first cells I found were sold in small plastic cases, and as you can see here, it was a classic jigsaw puzzle. But I knew of no other alternatives, so I started piecing together the things in an attempt to make a functional panel.
Very Early Prototype, Layout
This is about how I constructed the very first panel. I took a picture with a digital camera, and printed it out, so I could accurately reconstruct the pattern I'd worked out. The copper slips are just sheet metal that I cut into strips, all of which is laid on top of some thin foam.
Very Early Prototype, Drying
And here's the panel drying, under a lot of weight. The backing is a sheet of coutertop, formica I believe, and the top sheet is acrylic. It's held together with Goop adhesive.

There's not a whole lot more of info to give on this panel, other than that it didn't really work. The cells wound up moving around a lot inside, and it wasn't very robust. It wasn't designed from the start to be very weather-resistant - and I'll admit, it just plain wasn't designed thoroughly. Fortunately, the link for Page 2 came along, which made for a very poor segue to page 2.


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